Report Date: 02/25/2015

Research Pedigree - 5 Generation
Marble Peaks' Tanyeri

Name:Marble Peaks' Tanyeri
AKC #:WS415214/02 Breed/Variety:Anatolian Shepherd Dog
Birth Date:07/28/2012 Sex:Female
Colors/Markings:Red Fawn Black Mask
Breeder(s):Nancy Burns

Marble Peaks' Tanyeri
Red Fawn Black Mask
CH Muhsin Of Timaru
WS300410/01 10-12
Fawn Black Mask
AKC DNA #V625909
WS225747/04 08-09
Fawn Black Mask
Old*Glory Yashi Kaan
WS202545/02 05-07 (United States)
Fawn Black Mask
AKC DNA #V595234
Old Glory Serdar
WS095752/01 12-04 (United States)
Fawn Black Mask
Mangham Manor's D. Jachin
ASDA MCM-3637-2826-011-96353
Jacky Di Casa Romano
WP696861/03 07-96
Fawn Black Mask
Old * Glory Xena
ASDA JBT-4829-4816-032-01152
Sirt Tarla Sultan
ASDA DHW-1998-9380-011-96293
Masallah Olive
ASDA WE-1873-3067-012-95213
Diamond Acres Daisey
WS119875/01 08-06
Flat Creek Ranger
WS030304/02 07-04
Fawn Black Mask
CH Night Watch's Rob Of Sorter
WP828813/19 08-01
Sleepy-D-Acres Cheyenne
WP732678/05 12-99
Fawn Dutch Markings
WS032818/06 11-04
Pilotspeak Thor Of Cresent
WP937156/05 11-00
Fawn Black Mask
Hart's Meadowview Cala
WP722471/05 09-99
Fawn Pinto
Burnett's Rose
WS296153/01 08-09 (United States)
Fawn Black Mask
Salad Fork San Sidro Hank
WS259082/01 09-08 (United States)
Fawn Black Mask
Hisar Adad
WP693679/02 07-96
Red Fawn Black Mask
Hisar Barut
KCR T1281304T04
Fawn Black Mask
Hisar Kazara
KCR S2507604S02
Fawn Black Mask
Salad Fork Blondie
ASDA OK-5342-2642-012-9523
Maranda's Baskin
ASDA EW-1500-991-011-91009
Double T's Sadie
WP692188/01 07-96
Gray Fawn Black Mask
Rbr-Ccr's Annie
ASDA GB-4382-9524-012-00150
Mangham Manors D'Artagnan
Fawn Black Mask
Akil Jackson Of Luck-E-G
WP693036/01 07-96
Fawn Black Mask
Hat Creek's Mombasa
WP692398/01 07-96
Fawn Black Mask
Ebeling's Babe
ASDA EB2425952401296107
Few Acres Hawk's Son
WP692041/08 07-96
Fawn Black Mask
Ebeling's Gretel
ASDA EB242595940129595
Lost Armadillo's Shahane
WS285158/02 11-12
Red Fawn Black Mask
Shepherds Rest The Mighty Quinn
WS196327/02 04-08 (United States)
Red Fawn Black Mask
OFA28E OFEL28 AKC DNA #V496880
Ballesters Rahman
WS091009/03 (United States)
Red Fawn Black Mask
OFA25G OFEL25 AKC DNA #V357603
Clear Creek's Angus
ASDA JLS-3869-4559-011-00365
(Not Available Online)
(Not Available Online)
Huzur's Cesaret
WS091041/01 (United States)
Red Fawn Black Mask
Shahbazin Alp Arslan
WP691701/01 07-96
Fawn Black Mask
Maranda's Saz Mevlana
ASDA EW-1316-1500-072-89344
Fawn Pinto
Gokkusagi's Sirin
ASDA SSO-9544-4549-012-02100
Masallah Saki Bandit
ASDA WE-9543-1800-011-9544
Sey Of Sivas
ASDA WE-000-000-011-9543
Masallah Catana
ASDA WE-1573-1067-022-88341
Gokkusagi Koyu-Kirmizi Alim
ASDA SSO-2018-4028-052-98075
Swan Acres Manzara Khan
ASDA SW-1035-1026-031-89225
Canon Creek's Kucuk
ASDA WL-3863-3862-092-95283
Lost Armadillo's Hopes N Dreams
WS091283/01 12-04 (United States)
Fawn Black Mask
Gerlach Beau
WP759032/12 02-99
Fawn Black Mask
OFA24G AKC DNA #V32665
Ahmet Of Avanos
WP691674/01 07-96
Fawn Black Mask
Capar Of Sakarya
ASDA HA0000000110046
Fawn Black Mask
Sivas Of Avanos
ASDA GS00000001284232
Fawn Black Mask
Agape Fayda
WP693073/10 07-96
Red Fawn Black Mask
Kibar Kodaman Boaz
WP692390/01 07-96
Fawn Black Mask
Vadnais Guzel-Ic
WP692535/02 07-96
Fawn Black Mask
Orchard Houses' K. D.
ASDA DHT3863428506297161
Masallah Ana Oglan Toli
ASDA WE-1502-9327-011-93293
Asker Of Akarca Koyu
ASDA CZ97596301188040
Fawn Black Mask
Ala Of Yassipinar
ASDA HST-000-000-012-9327
Senflower's Teshir
ASDA SL-1588-9314-012-93247
Senflower's Savasci
WP691790/05 07-96
Fawn Black Mask
Masallah Kendine
ASDA WE1873103401291060
Fawn Black Mask

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